“Successful leaders must own their own development.” ~Craig Groeschel

As educators, our schedules and calendars are filled with lesson planning, grading papers, and facilitating students.  We must become creative and intentional about how we grow in our professional craft.  This website has been designed with us in mind.  Imagine what our classrooms, schools and districts could look like if we could fit in 15 minutes a day to strengthen our instructional methods.  Let’s become leaders of our own learning and make the investment into moving the traditional classroom forward.

Earon Sheats, Instructional Partner HJHS
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From the very first day in the classroom, I felt the weight and responsibility to do right by my students and to offer them engaging and empowering lessons that could translate to skills in the real world.  This calling was very ambitious and at many times throughout my years of teaching became very overwhelming.

Seeing that our profession tends to offer generic and one size fits all professional development, I was on a mission to develop a resource for teachers that would not break the bank nor invest hours without a return.  Through my instructional coach role, I am able to share and collect strategies that work and join in a movement that strategically moves the traditional teacher, classroom, and school forward.

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